The Versatile Blogger Award 2019

We’ve been nominated to the “Versatile Blogger Award” by Lara from Prosperity Passenger. (Please check out her blog, it’s awesome!) We cannot express how much we are thrilled to be nominated, as this is the very 1st time Green Mochila ever receives an award…for anything really. It might be a small thing, but it means a lot to us (like getting our 3oth follower or 5 likes in a day. Yay!).

Well yes, we’re only starting as a blog -but we have a lot of fun writing it, and pimping it up for you all, and sharing it with you. We feel that we’re getting somewhere, and this is exactly what this award means to us.

So thank you very much Lara for this present. If Green Mochila ever gets somewhere (well, we are in Peru right now!), we will always remember this little push you gave us, and this big joy! Here are…

7 things about us we would like to tell you

  1. We really like art and always visit art museums when we are traveling in a big city. There are other things we always have a look at when we stumble upon them: churches and bookshops. We can spend an hour in a bookshop in a town we don’t know!
  2. We try to couchsurf as much as possible when travelling. The best part of our travels is when we meet and talk with locals and find out about the cultural aspects of the country – we especially find it fascinating to listen to local’s take on their history and current issues.
  3. We are both vegetarians. Anthony has been so for 16 years, Anna 3 years. Anna still likes fish very much and eats some twice a year: for Christmas and for her birthday!
  4. We are an international couple: Anna is from Hungary, Anthony is from France. We were living in Germany but will now be moving to Portugal. Between us, we’ve lived in 9 different countries and we speak 7 languages.
  5. Anna cuts Anthony’s hair most of the time.
  6. Anna has car sickness, unfortunately. So on a bus journey, she cannot do anything really. But we’ve found a way: Anthony reads out loud from one of the many books we bring along! Apart from the book each of us reads, we have one that we read together this way.
  7. We both get a nasty feeling in our stomach when we see litter. We therefore always bring several plastic bags with us when we go on a hike, so we can pick up the rubbish we see. We also say ‘no’ to plastic bags in shops.

Our 15 Nominees, from upcoming blogs or bloggers who inspire us

Travel Blogs:
Recipes blogs:
Literature blogs:
Misc blogs:


2 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award 2019

  1. Pas étonnant que votre BLOG soit salué car il est REMARQUABLE !
    Je me permet de vous signaler mon propre blog qui relate mon plaisir d’être en Andalousie et plus particulièrement sur la COSTA TROPICAL :


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